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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions not addressed below, please contact me!


How much does Pup Art cost?

Your final cost depends on how many animals you have and what size prints you select. 

Contact me to receive an estimate.


How long does it take?

It usually does not take more than a month to recieve a finished product. Please let me know when you would like to have your finished product and I will try to plan accordingly. 


What do I need to give to you?

Please send at least 3 pictures of each pet or subject. Also, once you have contacted me with interest in a portrait I will send you a form to fill out for my records.


What type of pictures work best?

I can work with almost any picture. Bigger files work best (iPhone pictures emailed as full-sized attachments are great!) If you have favorite pictures of your pups send them my way. If you would like to take new ones I recommend taking pictures outside while holding a treat or toy behind the camera. Depending on how wild your dogs are you might need to take a million before you get a winner! A little patience goes a long way!


Can I have all of my animals in one print?

I am able to combine multiple animals in one print.

Once you have sent me all of the images to edit I will recommend separate prints if necessary. 


Can I choose the colors of my print?

Of course! I can edit your pups into any colors you like. You can request specific colors, send me a picture of colors you prefer, or send a picture of one of my previous works that you like.


Do you edit pictures other than pets?

My work is based on edited photographs, anything you can photograph I can manipulate! 



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